The All Afrikan Empowerment Society is a private foundation and association of citizens passionately concerned about the condition and future of Afrikan people in the united states and globally. To this end we are committed to institutionally combating systemic white world supremacy.

AAES, pronounced "eyes", is a global organization in its vision. Wherever Afrikan people can be found, AAES is interested in their well-being and their prosperity. Afrikan people have the unique distinction of being ill-treated and under siege by all other people of the earth without a justifiable reason. For this reason, it behooves us to unify with one another for mutual support and survival. It is clear that a concerted assault on us as a collective group by every other people either through propaganda, economics, or out-right physical assault and molestation.

AAES has been created as a coalition of organizations and the leadership of these organizations both nationally and internationally to amalgamate resources, knowledge, technology, expertise, wisdom, and capital for the critical needs of the collective of Afrikan people. This is just one organizational vehicle to benefit our people. AAES does not seek to be the sole voice or council to speak or act on behalf of our people. We are only one of many.

Furthermore AAES broadened its scope while streamlining and raising the altitude of its mission. AAES focuses on strategic initiatives or campaigns designed to move the overall tone and advancement of the liberation or sovereignty goals of Afrikan people. We do not see matters of state in the context of any other people, above our own.

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