AAES launched The Gathering Campaign March 20, 2016

This is a CALL TO ACTION and our deadline is 3/20/2017.  We Love You and thank you for your support in advance!!!

The key to our survival and success is access to necessary and adequate abundant resources for our people. Those resources are
1. ourselves in the form of labor, creativity, and intelligence.
2. Capital, which is our finances as savings and investment. There are more categories, but we will focus on our Capital in this call to action.

Every people must have a repository of wealth that represent their collective power; a Treasury. To date, we do not have one. A treasury is not a bank. A bank is privately owned; a Treasury is owned by the people and belongs to the nation. It is not beholden to stockholders, but rather to the interests of the nation as a whole.

It is clear that this nation is willing to slaughter and oppress Afrikan people. If we ever hope to fight back with any sense of organization, we must have a strong economy. We have 1.3 trillion in spending power, but that's not actualized power, because we give 95% away to people outside of our communities. People that despise us, murder us, spit on us, jail us, and feed off our lives and the lives of our children.

We ask two simple questions:

     Do you believe we need our own economic support system? Yes or No...

     If yes, then If that support system was conducted justly, honorably, and effectively to our benefit; your benefit, would you support it? Yes or No...

      If you answered yes to both of these questions then we are asking for your support, your passion, your energy!


The process of the campaign is to:

     1. Ascertain the level of community support of the idea
     2. Once achieved, we will document our plan and present it to all the people that have taken the pledge for their ratification and approval.
     3. We will execute the creation of the Treasury based on the guidelines of the finalized plan, prospectus, and authorized structure.

Therefore, until we complete phase 1, we cannot provide any concrete detail beyond what has already been provided, because this is an organic process that is meant to permit optimal input and flexibility based on that input.

So if you are someone that wishes to make suggestions, constructively debate structure and process, or to get involved, simply take the pledge and indicate on your pledge by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.


# of Supporters To Date