Who we are?


We declare success in all that we do!

The All Afrikan Empowerment Society is comprised of select members that are devoted to the empowerment of all Afrikan people first.

Our members are either activists, scholars, entrepreneurs, civil workers, and more of all branches of the Afrikan tree, whether from the continent, or diaspora 1 or 2. It is our view that we are all one family of melanated people regardless of the divisions that time, distance, and the evils of other people have created. 


Important Campaigns

The Gathering

The Gathering means to gather our resources; our people, our capital; our knowledge; our technology; etc. We are gathering to create a strong core majority among our people that will not leave it to chance whether critical steps will be made to preserve our culture; our livelihood; and our future.

The time of swaying in the wind of social chance is over. Step one is to aggregate our capital.