Our Members


The AAES (pronounced “eyes”) was created in 2012 in Camden, NJ. It was initially called B.E.S.T., the Black Entrepreneur Society Trans-global. However, as its vision expanded with the realization that all of our community activist organizations were suffering a lack of capital and that our black owned banks were just not capable of meeting our needs; AAES was reformed with the mission of forging the economic institutions capable of laying the foundation of an autonomous economy serving the needs of all Afrikan people.

AAES is a private organization that does not accept any governmental monies, or any other source of revenue that would hinder its mission for the people. AAES is currently self-funded, and therefore does not have any reporting requirements to any agency.

Terms of Membership

Membership in the AAES is by invitation only and you must be sponsored by an existing member. Our members are not open to the public. The criteria for membership are that you must be of melanated Afrikan heritage, you must identify yourself as a global Afrikan person in culture and identity, you must be passionately committed to aiding and empowering all Afrikan people, and members have accepted a solemn pledge of devotion and fidelity to our familial cause.