Upcoming Campaigns

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    The Gathering

    We are speaking to you family. Yes...YOU! This is meant for us all, but only some will listen and act. There are roughly 60 million of us in the united states and we are looking for only 1/10 of 1% (60,000) to tell us that it is a good idea to create a U.S. based national All Afrikan Treasury; a vital and critical component in the solution to our economic problems.more

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    Universal Afrikan Education

    Many of our divisions are based on ignorance. False information being taught by eurocentric white supremacist curriculums and educational systems. We must have one core curriculum and a uniquely Afrikan system for educating not only our children, but our society as a whole.

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    One Law!

    We are not simply a people, nor simply a country or nation. We are a civilization, in fact the first civilization and the first family of planet earth. We are the senior and eldest people of this world. As such, a simple set of man-made social laws do not suffice to govern our reality. We see, to establish universal and natural law in accordance with our ancestral heritage and our people's comprehensive understanding of the most high.

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    Of Our Mothers & Fathers

    As we are all here on Earth, it is important the each of our families has a place to call their own. We have become dispossessed of our lands and detached from that which helps to define us as a people, a family, and individually. It is the goal that every family embark on the process of land ownership. We intend to assist in this goal, as well as to help create a system of collective protection of these lands.

How to Assist

  • Take the Pledge

    This is not about the AAES, this is about the mission. We support the mission of our people, not making a name for ourselves. We prefer to remain nameless, but it is important that we create a collective Treasury and that can not happen without you. Give us your word of support so we can get to work serving you and only you! 

  • Do you want to volunteer?

    We need volunteers in over 300 cities nationwide. Is this you? If so simply complete the sign up form and we will be in touch. 

  • Would you like to contribute to this Campaign now?

    The AAES has been self-funded since its inception. We have not received any governmental grant money, just that of our members. Our passionate and dedicated membership. If you approve of what we stand for and would like to help our efforts, you can. Simply make a contribution

    Our CFO, Mr. Terence K. Preston will be in receipt of these funds on behalf of the Society. Thank you in advance. 

Campaign & Affiliate Events

B.O.B. Ubuntu Festival

Music, food, film screenings, educational activities, games, and community. The B.O.B. Society hosts this monthly summer event to develop healthy and mutually beneficial cultural relationships. Every second Saturday.

When: Saturday, August 13 at 11 AM - 4:30 PM
Where: Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Expo Museum - 2050 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur, Georgia 30033