Greetings to you our global Afrikan family!

We all know we need to create our own everything. One of the first and primary institutions we need to create is a Treasury. We need yours and 59,999 other people to give us your CONSENT to create this institution. So far 5000+ people have given us their consent. We are 10% of the way there. Add your vote to the box because it matters critically.

No money is involved, just your word. Your pledge helps us to move from phase one assessment of community support, to phase two planning detail implementation. Your consent; your pledge is very important as the foundation of the entire proposal!

Firstly, this is not grandiose, unlawful, or new. Other nationalities have had and operated their own Treasuries here in the U.S. without issue or complaint. We can do the same. Our issue has been the lack of economic education in our community to understand the importance of such an institution.

Secondly, a Treasury is not a bank. A bank is a for profit money store that allows its customers to store their money in that bank, while they loan an inflated amount of money, based on your deposit, to other customers at a higher price than you charge them to loan them your money.

A Treasury is a repository for a portion of the collective wealth of a people, nation, or group, in which the people contribute under an expectation that the Treasury will then be used to aid the whole of the economic system of the people. It is almost just like the alternator in your vehicle. As long as it works, your battery will remain charged, but without it, your vehicle will lose charge in just one day or less.

The Treasury is the alternator of our economy, and we Afrikan / Melanated / ABiA (Afrikans Born in America) / Black Folks, have a broken alternator!

So the question to ask is, do we need this institution? We and many of our elder experts believe yes. Their answers are in the books they have written, the speeches, the films, and so on, that they have already presented to us. This is the time to execute the vision!

Thirdly, are we capable of operating such an institution without screwing it up. I recall the same question being asked, as it pertained to every other activity we Afrikan people have ever done under white supremacy. Well, the answer is yes, but the questions in the past were, can we read, can we fight, can we lead, can we manage, can we create, can we drive, can we play basketball, play football, play tennis, play golf, can we lead a company, can we lead a nation... You get the drift, we have done all these things and many more in excellence, in the face of adversity and doubt, both within and without.

The question on this matter is not can we, but why haven't we already? And now the question to you is, do you think we should and will you support it?

No need for money today. Today we are seeking your word, your answer to two questions.


Do you think we need it?

And, will you support it if it passes your inspection?

If you answered yes to both, please proceed with giving us your CONSENT and taking the pledge.


# of Supporters To Date