Afrikan Worldview Study Group

Welcome to the Group

Our national study group has a meetup component that allows you to meet with other like-minded aspirants in your city. An aspirant is one seeking higher knowledge. You and others can meet and learn the Afrikan worldview of human experience and events together. The Afrikan way...

We have launched our live stream, which broadcasts every Tuesday and you will be able to view archived lessons here as well.


Although you can view the livestream from your mobile device, it is our goal that you meetup with others so you can bounce ideas and thoughts off the minds of those seeking the same as you. Of course, if time does not permit, by all means take advantage of our digital accessibility. You can ask the teacher of the class in real time any questions you may have, as well.

The class is dedicated to increasing the understanding of global African human experience and the subsequent steps toward a destiny of Sovereignty!

If you are interested in learning more about Afrikan culture globally... If you are interested in learning about our human experience, events, spirituality, our variety of ethnic groups and language, politics, and more... Or to share your knowledge, perspective, and/or experiences... Join and study with us.

You will find that not only are we into the development of our minds, because the freeing and strengthening of our minds will give us the ability to overcome our baser instincts and the pitfalls of ignorance. We are the starting point for serious entry into the movement of global Afrikan sovereignty.

To join the study group community in your city, simply sign up free on Meetup at Although you may not be in Atlanta, we will establish a study group in your city at your request if it is one of the target cities in your state. We are creating a study group meetup community in 300 targeted cities nationwide. If you want us to create one in your city or you wish to be involved, simply sign up, remember to give your phone number, and you will be contacted.


Here is a sample class video from Athens, GA