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Our Family

We connect, support, and enjoy like minded folks who CASHMOB BOBs. And this ain't just about Restaurants and bars, we CASHMOB all types of BOBs! Fellow Bobsters!

The reasons why the B.O.B. Society was established are very clear. We have a wealth of talent, a wealth of experience, a wealth of that "Get it done" spirit, and a collective WEALTH that is currently untapped. The B.O.B. Society has a goal of widespread successful Black Economics. We are here to connect, support and enjoy Bobsters who CASHMOB BOBs. All posts to this group will spread the word about new and established businesses that truly serve the community, by putting back into the community, organizations that support and benefit the community, and events and information that do the same! If you have a business, if you know of a business, or if you want to start a business, this is the place for YOU. We are about BUSINESS! BOB BUSINESS! The MISSION is to put our growing 1 Trillion+ buying power to GOOD use. So come and #BobAllDay, get connected, and get collective! See you at the next UBUNTU or CASHMOB in person or online! And KEEP IT BUSINESS!



ULU, is a For-Profit Member Owned Cooperative, with the capacity to attract thousands of members, pools its considerable base of resources, both intellectual and financial.

ULU is an acronym for Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative, LLC, a global business organization designed to change the way we do business with and among ourselves and with others. Our primary objective is to put in place successful business models that give us the capacity to gain significant control of the economics of our communities and nations, and to help free us from the current state of economic domination and exploitation by multiple forces in the world.



The Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble (USA) is part of the larger Unity Community Center of Camden NJ that has been ongoing in the struggle for liberation for over 30 years.

The mission of the UCC is to educate people about African Culture and history through music, art and the performing arts, especially African Dance and Drum.   In addition, we seek to instill pride, dignity and enhance the understanding of the African American experience in relationship to our African Heritage. Founded by the Dickerson family, both Robert and Wanda Dickerson, the UCC is also known for world class martial arts, drill, band, and theater production. You can see many of their perfomances on Youtube or other media, for example



The Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) is a platform for international Black unity designed to help Afrikan people avert genocide in the 21st Century.

The only UNITY we need to win is the unity between the Black Man and the Black Woman!