Hrkh Naja Survival Class

Welcome to Class - Survival is everything!

Hrkh is pronounced (herc) and is short for Heru-Khuti the source of the so-called hercules of the greeks. And Naja means Eternal Peace, Perfect Truth, and Perfect Cypher. So Hrkh Naja is the path of the ultimate peaceful warrior and champion.

Our national thrival class is currently meant to offer you core baseline proficiency techniques for use in primal crisis situations. Primal crisis situations do not happen with warning and by definition you have little access to modern technology on multiple levels. Our class is preparing you for these moments or periods in your life, should they occur.

Our class is offered nationally and is open to melanated people only. We reserve the absolute right to refuse to train anyone based on our standards, as well as any professional assessment of competency.

Why we all need this class and more!

Most people don't realize how easy it is to become disoriented and thrust into a primitive situation in life. Car breaks down on the side of a road; a storm situation; social crisis; and so on. Once the situation begins, now what? You must first be prepared mentally, and true to form the rest will follow. However, that is not a small mountain to climb at all. That is monumental for many that really don't know for lack of experience, and the subsequent panic and stress that accompanies that lack of experience under pressure.

It is our goal and mission with these classes to give everyone the experience and knowledge of actually making fire, purifying water, making a battery, a radio, and so on. Reading about them in a book, or watching a video on... is great, but doing is necessary for building confidence and familiarity. 

We have no problem with technology and supplemental low level tech, but our class is raw and you will learn how to accomplish the task by making your own tech expediently and utilizing it for your thrival task.
Ancient humans could make fire and had to make fire with only wood or flint... This is the most definitive skill that separates humans from other animals. A truly must have level of proficiency for all so-called modern humans.

What we share with you.

Our basic thrival class covers:

 - The psychology of survival
 - Resource identification, location, and acquisition
 - Water location, purification techniques, storage
 - Energy creation and management
 - Primal fire, maintenance, and transport
 - Battery principles and creation
 - Food types, sources, acquisition, preparation, and storage
 - Shelter types, creation, maintenance, and improvement
 - Weapon and trap creation
 - Communication types, SOS, basic radio principles and creation
 - Essential thrival elements and materials
 - Clothing essentials and supplements
 - Level one first aid and hygiene
 - Base camp security and other human interaction

Where we teach.

We come to you! We have city representatives in 300 locations and 54 regional representatives nationwide. You can contact us to find the nearest representative to you via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and phone 732.807.5835.

Our classes must have a minimum of 20 students to start, so you must register for a class and be patient for others in your area or near to you to also register until we have reached the requisite number of students. This usually happens within a 30 day period. You can speed up this process by spreading the news of Hrkh Naja!

Who are the instructors.

We are preparing a train the trainer class to create affiliate instructors nationwide to help our people become proficient in survival/thrival techniques that will no doubt become necessary in the foreseeable future.

If you believe you already have the requisite skills and wish to become a Hrkh Naja instructor, we are excited about that, and wish you to contact us immediately so we can put you to work training our people! Just call directly and we will prepare a skills assessment to certify you. Our partnership arrangement is very fair.

Our program creator and professional is La'Quay Laun'Juel and these are his credentials:
La'Quay has always had a deep love and affinity for the outdoors and rugged life of Ntru.  He is a prior military officer; USMC Captain (select). He has had both extensive 
training and real world operational experience. 

His training has included:
• Arctic Cold Weather Training (Europe)
• Jungle warfare and survival experience (Liberia, Ivory Coast)
• Desert warfare and survival training (Mojave; 29 Palms, Sahara)
• Wilderness warfare and survival training (Quantico, Jacksonville, Liberia, Ivory Coast)

He is a combat veteran, having engaged in foreign conflicts in Mali, Ivory Coast, and Liberia in Afrika under his own command from 1999-2001.

What is the Cost of the Class?
Our class is comprehensive and well below the current market value of classes of this nature and scope. Usually $300 and well above this. We are also aware that devaluing the knowledge that is needed will lower your respect for and realization of the critical nature of this knowledge. 

So our cost:
Per Adult is $100
and per couple is $170
Our ages begin at 16 with an adult guardian; $60.

All registration is 50% of cost and must be paid in full one week prior to class beginning in your area once the requisite number of students have registered. Failure to complete payment will forfeit your deposit.

If the class registrants exceeds 30 days for your class to announce beginning, you may request an immediate refund via email or phone.

How Do I Register?

You can register right here. You will receive an email that outlines the materials you will need for the class, which are minimal. You must place a deposit of 50% of your cost. Your payment invoice will come via email once you register. You must pay this within 24 hours or your registration will be declined.